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What To Buy For Baby Baptism

When it comes to giving a baby a gift for their baptism, there are a lot of options to choose between. For a sentimental gift, you can choose a religious keepsake, such as the Precious Moments Heaven's Blessing Photo Frame, which features a sweet ceramic lamb and the words "Heaven's Blessing." You can also give a gift that they can use in everyday life, such as the Funny Girl Designs Christening Bib.

what to buy for baby baptism


A high-quality baby baptism gift doesn't need to be expensive. There are many budget-friendly baptism gifts to choose from, although there are plenty of lovely gifts on the pricier side if you'd like to splurge. Generally, you can expect to pay between $15 and $50 for a quality baby baptism gift.

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Jewelry makes a wonderful baptism gift for a baby girl. This sterling silver cross bracelet (available on Amazon) is handcrafted from sterling silver by a US-based artisan jeweler. This means that the bracelet will stay bright and shiny without polishing.

The Precious Moments Blessings Jar (available on Amazon) is a unique and fantastic gift for baptisms and christenings. Plus it can work as a gift for newborns, birthdays, baby showers, and more!

Another great gift idea for a christening, baptism, or baby shower is a prayer cross (available on Amazon). This one is specifically designed with an adorable little boy saying his bedtime prayers while hugging his teddy bear.

Whether you are a parent with a child who will soon be baptized, a church member welcoming the new little one into the fold, or a family member who practices a different religion, you all have one thing in common. You likely have questions about the basic rules for baptism etiquette. What do I wear? What should I bring?

In Catholicism, these two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are a little different. Christening refers to the naming ceremony while a baptism represents a child being received into the church. In some traditions, a christening is reserved for the baptism of infants.

Opinions differ as to whether or not a baptism gift for an adult is expected, however, a thoughtful gift is never inappropriate. In this case, you may consider a memento such as a Christian book or a prayer journal.

Customary christening and baptism etiquette is to bring a gift. Because the baptism ceremony (and the christening, also known as a naming ceremony) is a spiritual event, many people choose to bring religious baptism gifts. Popular examples include a bible, rosary, or a personalized gift with a bible verse engraved on it, like a keepsake box or picture frame.

Nonetheless, stocks are an excellent gift for a baby girl or boy because the child has ample time to wait out volatile periods. By the time the child reaches adulthood, the value of that stock should have grown substantially.

Choose a baptism gift that will grow in value over time. By giving money or other financial gifts, such as brokerage investments and savings bonds, you will set the child up for a more secure financial future.

The appropriate amount to give as a baptism gift depends on your relationship with the baby girl or boy and your financial situation. For example, a grandparent or godparent is expected to give a more significant baby gift than a family friend or more distant relative.

Make the baptism itself even more personal with this clay baptismal water bowl. Once the ceremony is over, the bowl is pretty enough to be left on display or tucked away with the baby's christening gown.

Place the baby's first rosary beads or prayer cards in this this earthenware clay box, which is personalized with newborn's name, baptism date, and special symbol. Choose from a shamrock, anchor, heart, cross, olive branch, or star.

Now that the parents are fully stocked with diapers and onesies, opt for a luxe option fitting for the special occasion: an engraved brush and comb set (for when the baby finally grows some hair, of course).

We have now had four babies baptized in the Catholic Church and are blessed to be godparents to our niece. A Catholic baptism is such a special occasion! Even though babies are usually too young to remember the experience, godparents and other family and friends can give them gifts that will commemorate the experience and help them live and learn their Catholic faith in the years to come. This list of baby baptism gift ideas is perfect for Catholic baptisms, but many of the baptism gifts listed are also suitable for any Christian baptism.

This wooden cube has a Catholic prayer printed on each of its six sides. As the baby grows, he will have easy access to Catholic prayers such as the Hail Mary, the traditional Catholic meal blessing, and the Glory Be. The parents can use the cube to pray with the baby and help him learn the traditional Catholic prayers.

As the baby grows, he might start participating in family Rosaries. This interactive rosary mat will help keep the child engaged by allowing her to place a brightly colored felt bead on a Velcro strip as the family prays each prayer. Choose from a variety of backings.

A baby may have to grow into this board book missal, but it is a perfect follow-along for kids to look at as they are at Mass. It tells the story of a family going to Mass. The pages include words used at Mass, little prayers for the child, and bright illustrations to hold their attention.

The Fisher-Price Little People Nativity is a great toy to get out at Christmas or to keep out year-round. One of the best things about this toy may be seeing how other toy figures find their way into the nativity, or how the nativity characters find their way into other toy tableaus. When my eldest daughter was two, she had our angel driving baby Jesus around in the backseat of a minivan!

Whatever gift you choose, know that you are blessing the baby by being supportive of his or her baptism and Catholic faith formation! If you have any other suggestions for Catholic baby baptism gifts, please leave a comment.

Do you want photos or video taken? It's best to line up a friend or family who is in charge of pictures or video. We neglected to do that with our second child and everyone was SO involved in watching the baptism, that no one in attendance got a single good photo. No one. So, if you want them, remember to put someone (or more than one someone) in charge of taking photos.

If this is all too overwhelming, remember that you don't HAVE to do any of this. A baptism is primarily is about the Sacrament and so if all you have energy to do is coordinate the Godparents and the priest, it will still be a beautiful and intimate event. But if you have the energy or desire to do a little more, I hope that these tips help make it a little less stressful.

If you are invited to a baptism, RSVP as soon as you can. Be sure to arrive on time to the ceremony. Once you have agreed to going, the next step is figuring out the type of gift you want to get for the child. Whether it is the first baptism you are attending, or you need a refresher on what is appropriate to give, this guide will help ease your mind.

Whether to give a gift for a baptism can be confusing, especially if you have given a gift for the child at the baby shower. Gifts for baptisms are not required, however, gifts are both welcome and appropriate for this kind of occasion. If you have given the child a gift at their baby shower, you can choose if you would like to give doubly or not. Gifts are normally given after the baptism at a reception or party held by the parents of the child. If you are attending the baptism ceremony itself, wait to give the gift until after the ceremony.

Many times people are unsure of whether or not they should give a gift for an event that they cannot attend. Following general etiquette, it is polite to still send a gift to events you are not attending. It is up to you whether or not you would give a gift in the first place. If you do decide to give a gift you can either bring it to the family in person or send it to them. Depending on your relationship with the family having the baptism, the choice is up to you. If you do not wish to send a gift, consider sending a card in the mail.

For an event like a baptism, many people feel like they have to spend tons of money on the gift that they buy. The cost of a baptism gift can vary depending on your relationship to the family. Godparents normally spend between $100 to $150 on a gift while close relatives spend about $50. If you are a family friend, it is typical to spend money on a gift that is within your budget. There is no set amount for a baptism gift, especially because gifts can be pricey. Giving a gift is not expected but appreciated, so it really is the thought that counts! The general rule of thumb is to spend however much you feel like you can. Do not feel inclined to go out of the budget that you are comfortable with to get a gift.

People often feel like they have to pick out a special gift for certain occasions. However, giving a child cash for a baptism is completely appropriate. People often choose to give gifts when they feel like they cannot give a sufficient amount of cash. Many times when people give money as their gift, they bring a card with a check, cash, or a savings bond in it. The amount that they choose to give normally corresponds with how close they are to the family.

While other guests at the baptism do not receive gifts from the parents, most of the time godparents do. Gifts should not be expected by a godparent, however, it is custom for the parents to give them a gift. Usually there will be a time for parents to present a gift to the godparents. The godparents will then exchange their gifts to the family at this time. If you are giving the godparents a gift, almost anything, within reason, goes. Silver jewelry all the way to engraved frames with a picture in them are appropriate to give to godparents. You are most likely close to the godparents of your child, so think of something that they would enjoy and go with that. 041b061a72


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