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Scary Scavenger Hunt: How to Make Your Own Creepy Props and Pranks

How to Host a Spooky Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for a creative and thrilling way to celebrate Halloween or spice up any occasion, why not try a scary scavenger hunt? A scavenger hunt is a game where players have to find or collect a list of items or clues hidden in a certain area. A scary scavenger hunt adds an element of horror and mystery to the game, making it more challenging and fun.

A scary scavenger hunt can be tailored to suit any age group, theme, or location. You can host it indoors or outdoors, at your home or in a public place. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want, depending on your time, budget, and creativity. The key is to plan ahead and prepare everything you need for a spooky and memorable experience.

scary scavenger hunt

How to Plan a Scary Scavenger Hunt

Here are some tips on how to plan a scary scavenger hunt:

Pick a theme

A theme will help you decide what kind of items, clues, and prizes to use for your scavenger hunt. It will also set the tone and atmosphere for the game. You can choose any theme that fits your audience and occasion, such as zombies, vampires, witches, ghosts, haunted houses, murder mysteries, etc. You can also get inspiration from your favorite horror movies, books, or games.

Pick a location

A location will determine where you will hide the items and clues for your scavenger hunt. It will also affect the difficulty and duration of the game. You can use your backyard or house as the location, or you can go to a park, forest, cemetery, museum, or any other place that has a spooky vibe. Make sure you have permission to use the location and that it is safe and accessible for your players.

Write the clues

The clues are the hints that will guide your players from one item to the next. They can be written on paper, cards, or any other material that you can hide easily. You can make the clues as simple or as complex as you want, depending on the age and skill level of your players. You can use riddles, puzzles, codes, pictures, maps, or anything else that will challenge and entertain your players.

Hide the items

The items are the objects that your players have to find or collect during the scavenger hunt. They can be anything that relates to your theme or adds some scare factor to the game. For example, you can use fake blood, bones, spiders, candles, masks, costumes, etc. You can also hide some treats or prizes along with the items to reward your players.

spooky scavenger hunt ideas

Halloween-themed scavenger hunt

scary murder mystery scavenger hunt

vampire-themed scavenger hunt

creepy doll-themed scavenger hunt

witch-themed scavenger hunt

Hocus Pocus scavenger hunt

glow-in-the-dark Halloween scavenger hunt

haunted house scavenger hunt

zombie apocalypse scavenger hunt

graveyard scavenger hunt

horror movie trivia scavenger hunt

mummy wrap scavenger hunt

ghost hunting scavenger hunt

pumpkin carving scavenger hunt

candy corn scavenger hunt

spider web scavenger hunt

skeleton bone scavenger hunt

Frankenstein's monster scavenger hunt

jack-o-lantern scavenger hunt

werewolf transformation scavenger hunt

black cat superstition scavenger hunt

headless horseman scavenger hunt

spooky forest scavenger hunt

witch's brew scavenger hunt

Halloween costume scavenger hunt

trick-or-treat bag scavenger hunt

Halloween candy swap scavenger hunt

spooky story writing scavenger hunt

Halloween craft making scavenger hunt

Halloween bingo scavenger hunt

Halloween word search scavenger hunt

Halloween crossword puzzle scavenger hunt

Halloween maze solving scavenger hunt

Halloween charades scavenger hunt

Halloween escape room scavenger hunt

Halloween riddle solving scavenger hunt

Halloween photo booth scavenger hunt

Halloween pinata smashing scavenger hunt

Halloween cupcake decorating scavenger hunt

Pick a prize

A prize is the final reward that your players will receive after completing the scavenger hunt. It can be anything that you think your players will enjoy or appreciate. For example, you can give them candy, toys, gift cards, certificates, trophies, etc. You can also make the prize related to your theme or personalized for each player.

How to Play a Scary Scavenger Hunt

Here are some rules and safety tips for playing a scary scavenger hunt:

Divide into teams

A scavenger hunt is more fun when played in teams. You can divide your players into two or more teams depending on the number of participants and items. You can also assign team names and colors based on your theme. For example, if your theme is zombies vs humans, you can name one team "Zombies" and give them green bandanas, and name another team "Humans" and give them red bandanas.

Give the instructions

Give each team a copy of the clues and the list of items they have to find or collect. Explain the rules and the time limit for the scavenger hunt. You can also give each team a flashlight, a camera, a walkie-talkie, or any other equipment that will help them during the game.

Start the hunt

Let the teams start the scavenger hunt at the same time or at different intervals. The teams have to follow the clues and find the items as quickly and as safely as possible. They have to take a picture of each item they find or bring it back to the starting point. You can also add some surprises or scares along the way, such as jump scares, sound effects, or actors dressed as monsters.

End the hunt

The scavenger hunt ends when one team finds all the items or when the time limit is up. Gather all the teams at the starting point and check their pictures or items. The team that has found the most items or completed the scavenger hunt in the shortest time wins the prize. You can also give prizes for other categories, such as best team spirit, best costume, best scare, etc.

Be safe

A scary scavenger hunt is meant to be fun and exciting, not dangerous or harmful. Make sure you and your players follow these safety tips:

- Choose a safe and legal location for your scavenger hunt. - Avoid hiding items or clues in places that are hard to reach, dark, or hazardous. - Inform your players of any potential risks or hazards in the location. - Provide your players with emergency contacts and first aid kits. - Monitor your players throughout the game and intervene if necessary. - Respect the property and privacy of others and do not cause any damage or disturbance. Conclusion

A scary scavenger hunt is a great way to celebrate Halloween or any occasion with your friends or family. It is a game that combines adventure, mystery, and horror, making it fun and memorable for everyone. All you need is some planning, creativity, and enthusiasm to host a spooky scavenger hunt that will leave your players screaming for more.


What are some examples of scary scavenger hunt themes?

Some examples of scary scavenger hunt themes are: - Zombie apocalypse: The players have to find items that will help them survive a zombie outbreak. - Vampire hunters: The players have to find clues that will lead them to a vampire's lair and stake him. - Witch's brew: The players have to find ingredients that will complete a witch's potion. - Ghostbusters: The players have to find evidence of paranormal activity and capture ghosts. - Murder mystery: The players have to find clues that will help them solve a murder case.

What are some examples of scary scavenger hunt items?

Some examples of scary scavenger hunt items are: - Fake blood: A bottle of fake blood that can be used to create fake wounds or stains. - Bones: Real or fake bones that can be used to create skeletons or body parts. - Spiders: Real or fake spiders that can be used to create webs or nests. - Candles: Real or fake candles that can be used to create dim lighting or fire effects. - Masks: Real or fake masks that can be used to disguise oneself or scare others.

What are some examples of scary scavenger hunt clues?

Some examples of scary scavenger hunt clues are: - Riddles: A riddle that gives a hint about the location or item. For example, "I have no eyes but I can see, I have no mouth but I can bite, I have no legs but I can crawl, what am I?" (Answer: A spider) - Puzzles: A puzzle that reveals a hint when solved. For example, a jigsaw puzzle that shows a picture of the item or location. - Codes: A code that needs to be deciphered to get a hint. For example, a Morse code that spells out the name of the item or location. - Pictures: A picture that shows a part of the item or location. For example, a close-up picture of a spider web or a candle flame. - Maps: A map that marks the location of the item or clue. For example, a treasure map that shows where to dig for bones.

How long should a scary scavenger hunt last?

The duration of a scary scavenger hunt depends on several factors, such as: - The number of participants and teams - The number and difficulty of items and clues - The size and complexity of the location - The theme and atmosphere of the game A typical scary scavenger hunt can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how much time you have and how much fun you want to have. You can also adjust the time limit according to the difficulty and number of items and clues. For example, you can give each team 60 minutes to find 10 items, or 90 minutes to find 15 items.

How can I make a scary scavenger hunt more scary?

There are many ways to make a scary scavenger hunt more scary, suc


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