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Borderlands 3-FULL UNLOCKED

Vault Card Keys let you unlock the Legendary gear and cosmetics from the associated Vault Card. The gear scales to your character's current level, and you can preview the complete collection of loot via your ECHO Device. These items can be unlocked in any order you want, so you can get the loot you desire pronto.

Borderlands 3-FULL UNLOCKED

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Vehicles are unlocked by progressing through the story and completing missions. For vehicle upgrades, like weapons and armor, some can be acquired via the main story, side quests, or through exploration.

You can customize your vehicles by visiting a Catch-A-Ride and opening the menu. You can customize a vehicle's loadout, armor, and paint job through this menu, with the vehicle stats displayed at the lower right. You can save up to three customized vehicle loadouts. Catch-A-Rides are unlocked after completing the story mission "Cult Following"

Vehicle Parts for different vehicle body types can be unlocked by doing story missions, side quests, or by simply exploring and solving puzzles. You can also hijack enemy vehicles and bring them to Catch-A-Ride stations to unlock parts.

With regards to level-locked regions, it's very important to note that both Red Chests (usually found after bosses or as bonus unlocked areas from side missions) as well as Typhon Dead Drops (crew challenges triangulated from finding recordings) are also locked to the region of that area (unless a region eventually upgrades over the course of the story).

Secondly, even if you haven't unlocked a skill yet, you don't need to have a point in a skill for a Class Mod to give you that skills effects! Knowing this, you can essentially look for Class Mods to bolster skills in a tree you aren't focusing on to give you an edge in multiple areas at once.

It's important to note that because the Mail is in the Social Tab - it's not tied to any one character - you'll be able to accept the gifts on any character you're playing as, even if they didn't do all the groundwork to get the gift in the mail. Note that the reward you receive from these in-game characters will be tied to the level you were when you unlocked the mail reward.

The Cyclone is a vehicle introduced in Borderlands 3. It is a light, fast vehicle that is operated by a single rider in a seated position inside a single large unicycle wheel. Cyclones rely on their speed and agility to avoid taking damage and are armed with a pair of cannons that can swivel through a full 360 degrees. Cyclones are unlocked during the story mission Hostile Takeover.

To customise your vehicle's loadout and paint job you need to visit a Catch-A-Ride staion and interact with the menu. Catch-A-Ride stations are terminals that provide transportation in the form of different types of Digistructed vehicles, they are unlocked after completing the story mission 'Cult Following' and will allow you to save up to three customised vehicle loadouts. Vehicle parts that you have collected are displayed in Ellie's garage in Sanctuary III and it is there that you will be able to see how they modify your vehicle. Visiting the garage will also enable you to see what parts you have yet to acquire for your vehicle.

Completing Vault Card challenges can also earn you a new in-game resource: Diamond Keys, which unlock a room known as the Diamond Armory. Located under the upper deck of the Bridge on Sanctuary, the Diamond Armory is filled to the brim with tantalizing loot. If you want to learn more, head over to for the full explainer. Note that Diamond Keys can only be earned through gameplay and are not sold separately.

Commentary: You can do this by playing as any character. Not all inventory slots are available from the beginning of the game. You must unlock the missing slots due to the progress in the main storyline. The last unlocked slot will be the one for artifacts, which becomes available after you complete the main story mission called Cold as the Grave. 041b061a72


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