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Risalah Al Qusyairiyah Pdf Download

Risalah al Qusyairiyah PDF Download

Risalah al Qusyairiyah (The Epistle of al-Qushayri) is a famous work on Sufism (Islamic mysticism) written by Abu al-Qasim Abd al-Karim ibn Hawazin al-Qushayri (986-1072 CE), a renowned scholar and Sufi master from Nishapur, Iran. The book is considered one of the most authoritative and comprehensive sources of Sufi doctrine and practice, covering various aspects of Sufi theory, terminology, ethics, spirituality, and history.

risalah al qusyairiyah pdf download

The book consists of an introduction and 25 chapters, each dealing with a specific topic related to Sufism, such as repentance, sincerity, poverty, patience, love, fear, hope, etc. In each chapter, al-Qushayri presents the views and sayings of the early Sufis (the salaf), followed by his own commentary and analysis. He also cites many verses from the Quran and hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) to support his arguments and illustrate his points. The book is rich in anecdotes, stories, and examples that demonstrate the Sufi way of life and the spiritual states of the Sufis.

The book was written in response to the growing popularity of Sufism among the masses and the criticism of some orthodox scholars who accused the Sufis of deviating from the Islamic law (sharia) and introducing innovations (bidah) into the religion. Al-Qushayri aimed to defend Sufism from these accusations and to show that Sufism is based on the Quran and the sunnah (the practice of the Prophet Muhammad) and that it is compatible with the sharia. He also intended to educate and guide the seekers of Sufism and to provide them with a reliable reference for their spiritual journey.

The book was well received by both the Sufis and the non-Sufis and became a classic work in the field of Sufism. It was widely read, studied, commented upon, and translated into various languages. It influenced many later Sufi authors and works, such as al-Ghazali's Ihya Ulum al-Din (The Revival of the Religious Sciences) and al-Hujwiri's Kashf al-Mahjub (The Unveiling of the Hidden).

If you are interested in reading this book, you can download it in PDF format from several online sources. Here are some links that you can use:

  • [Risalah Al Qushairiyah : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive]

  • [al-Risalah al-Qushayriyah fi ilm al-tasawwuf : Qushayri, Abd al-Karim ibn Hawazin, 986-1072 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive]

We hope you enjoy reading this book and benefit from its wisdom and insights.


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