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You have two wars to wage and the impact has never been worse on investment. It was clear to him that a further step back was needed to safeguard the company. He did not want to be seen as the man to cause a further downturn in the market. But he knew the only way to avoid the markets collapse. You must never allow a crisis to become a depression. For the banks to survive he knew it was going to take a long time. He knew that the bank had to be dismantled over time. In the financial crisis it was important that he looked out for the best interests of the investors. Who were in a deep financial hole. The investors were owed trillions of dollars. The only way to re-start growth would be to increase risk. Investors needed to get better returns and it had to be done without harming their confidence. shantatacourtchaluaahepdf17 Sometimes you have to cut your losses and make sure that your reputation goes with you. Later his efforts would be vindicated. The markets were far safer than they were a few years before. He managed to increase the risk he had to allow the recovery to take hold. The pension funds were repaid and the banks would have a way to repay the money that was owed. The investors repaid the money and the re-set brought on a new breed of banks. He had to make sure that the buyer had solid business plans. By 2011 it was clear that the financial crisis was over and the world was heading on a new journey. shantatacourtchaluaahepdf17 In the future banking was going to be something different.


His job is to restore economic growth to all the lives that the bank laid off. Throughout his career he has survived several battles against the financial markets. In his role at Merrill Lynch he ran the hedge fund operations at a firm which was an equity firm. Again it is a large number of people lost their jobs that day. Quite a few had senior positions. shantatacourtchaluaahepdf17 It was revealed in the few months since he joined that the scale of the problems was far deeper than anyone knew. As a result of all the changes and being pushed out of the business they were no longer able to grow. His team were told that they had to get rid of a lot of assets and sell them as quickly as possible. As more and more assets were sold it was made clear that there would be an announcement on the same day as the sale. All to be done in one day. In the event that the team delayed they were not wanted.


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