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The Rolex 126713GRNR is the premier GMT watch for world travelers. Since 1983 the GMT Master II has impressed pilots, travelers, and watch enthusiasts alike. Today the Rolex 126713GRNR is one of the most sought after watches. This particular reference, 126713GRNR, has a black 24 hour bezel which uses gold for the GMT numerals. The case is crafted from Oyster Steel and bracelet is a combination that includes yellow gold. The quality of the construction of the 126713GRNR and the design aesthetics of this watch are perfectly executed to the point where this reference, 126713GRNR, costs more pre-owned than it does new.


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Accompanying the Rolex 126713GRNR is the calibre 3285. This in-house movement was recently introduced by Rolex and has elevated the reliability of their GMT collection. The automatic calibre 3285 for the 126713GRNR has a power reserve of 70 hours, accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day, and quick set hour functionality.

The Rolex 126713GRNR is equipped with the Jubilee bracelet. Rolex is known for crafting some of the most comfortable bracelets that appear perfect in their dimensions. What brings the whole bracelet together is the perfectly executed Oyster Clasp with a 2mm extension. To sum up the bracelet, Rolex has found harmony where form and function meet.

The 126713GRNR costs $16,450 at retail and can sell up to double retail on the pre-owned market. The GMT Master II collection is in high demand, therefore finding one of these watches at a Rolex authorized dealer will be difficult. Your best chance of picking up a 126713GRNR will most likely be in the secondary market. 041b061a72


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