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Spirited Away Episode 1

This is a movie done by the director Hayao Miyazaki, with a story about a young girl who at first is worry about her new home and new life far away. When she and her parents find themselves in an odd place, weird events start to unfold. The animation is presented in a way suitable for both children and adults. There should, however, be a fair warning, as there is mild violence and blood. This journey containing dragons and magic soot will show the mystical world and mind set ruled by spirits and witches alike.

Spirited Away Episode 1

Chihiro searches for help and finds a friend in Haku, a mysterious boy with magical powers. Chihiro finds out she has entered a Spirit World ruled by a mean-spirited old witch, Yubaba, with a giant baby boy. Yubaba runs a huge bathhouse, or spa, for spirits, gods and other fantastic creatures. Chihiro must learn to pass a series of tests and overcome many obstacles in order to save her parents. Along the way, she learns how to overcome her fears.

What a thoughtful article! This is truly fascinating. My oldest kid loved this movie as a kid, so when we had a movie night last month, we watched Spirited Away. She was really blown away by the social commentary that she missed as a little girl, and she loved how you can get different things out of the film when you watch it at different stations in life. 041b061a72


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